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a session in the sanctuary at Fleisher at SRCCON:LEAD

Sessions like this one at SRCCON:LEAD are made possible by community support. (Photo: Ryan Pitts)

We recently launched a new pathway to support the journalism-code community and OpenNews: a founding sustainer program for ongoing financial contributions. This network is pushing to create more inclusive, equitable, and purpose-driven journalism, and this sustainer program offers a concrete way to support that work and the community we serve. Learn more and consider joining as a sustainer. Become a sustainer

What We Believe

We believe a diverse community of peers working, learning, and solving problems together can create the stronger, more representative ecosystem that journalism needs to thrive. Through events for newsroom coders and journalists and a wide range of community and project support programs, we enable collaboration across organizations. Learn more about what we do or find out how you can get involved.

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