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Understanding community needs

A session audience at SRCCON 2016.

Through our News Nerd Survey and SRCCON events like this one, community members share experiences. (photo/Erik Westra)

OpenNews closes out 2017 with two major efforts to understand and support the needs of the community working at the intersection of journalism and technology. First, we've released our annual News Nerd Survey, with an expanded effort to understand career trajectories, inclusive policies, and skill-building needs. Then, at SRCCON:WORK in December, we have two days devoted to supporting one another in creating caring, collaborative workplaces.

What We Believe

We believe a diverse community of peers working, learning, and solving problems together can create the stronger, more representative ecosystem that journalism needs to thrive. Through events for newsroom coders and journalists and a wide range of community and project support programs, we enable collaboration across organizations. Learn more about what we do or find out how you can get involved.

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