Where you'll see OpenNews at NICAR 2017

Members of the OpenNews team are in Jacksonville this week for NICAR 2017 for a great conference and to share a bunch of info and resources. We’re so excited to join hundreds of other journalists, techies, data lovers, and good old fashioned computer-assisted reporters to learn, share, vent, and enjoy four days together.

We’ve got some stuff to share at NICAR too:

  • We’ve announced the call for proposal and ticket dates for SRCCON: the CFP opens on March 22 and closes April 7, and our ticket lottery opens April 26 and closes May 8
  • We’re sponsoring the NICAR Conversations track again this year, and you can find all the sessions on the NICAR schedule as well as in this handy etherpad (Thanks so much to track co-organizers Brittany Mayes and David Eads from NPR!)
  • We’re going to release the results of the first news nerd survey on Thursday afternoon (thanks to all of you who contributed)
  • We’re releasing a field guide to open source in the newsroom (including contributions from more than 20 community members). You can find out all about the field guide at a NICAR Conversation on Friday at 10:15am, where Lindsay, Ryan, and Erin will facilitate a discussion about open source in journalism

Plus, we’re bringing 25 community members who received OpenNews Ticket+Travel Scholarships to attend NICAR and our 2016 Knight-Mozilla Fellows. We’re excited to be in town as well! Feel free to ping Erika, Ryan, Erin, or Lindsay or wave us down and say hi. Dan sends his regrets and best wishes from Chicago. You can also tweet @OpenNews, @Source, or @SRCCON if you want to reach us as well.

We’re so grateful to IRE for creating this space for folks from newsrooms around the world to come together to share, and that is supported by IRE’s principles. Looking forward to hallway discussions, tasty food, and great conversations.

posted March 02, 2017 | posted in NICAR