One Month Left to Apply

The application for the 2016 Knight-Mozilla Fellowship will close in just one month on August 21. If you’ve been meaning to apply, but still have some questions you are in luck. Over the next month, we will have numerous opportunities for you to learn more about the fellowship and hear from current and former fellows about what it’s actually like to get paid to spend 10 months learning, experimenting, and collaborating in a news organization.

We want you to have all of the information you need to feel able to apply to the fellowship. You can always reach out to us or you can watch @opennews for a ton of resources coming your way:

  • Hear from the fellows. Over the last week of July and first week of August, current and former fellows will share their experiences in blog posts. You’ll have the chance to ask them questions during a question and answer session on the August 5 OpenNews community call as well.

  • Learn more about the program. We have a ton of info on our site and will be adding to what you see here over the next two weeks. On the August 19 community call you’ll have the chance to ask OpenNews staff any questions about the program or the application process.

  • Meet the news organizations. During the second week of August, you will hear from each of the news organizations that are hosting fellows in 2016: Los Angeles Times Data Desk, NPR, Vox Media, Frontline, Correct!v, and The Coral Project (a collaboration between the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Mozilla). They will share blog posts detailing what they expect it will be like to be a fellow at their organization and what skills they are seeking.

  • Chat about journalism technology. Over the next month, there will be lots of chances to chat about what’s going on in journalism technology in person. You can eat sushi and learn about open source in journalism in PDX, find the news nerds at Chaos Communication Camp, or you may see someone from OpenNews at a summer meetup in your area. If you have an event before August 21 where you think people should hear more about what’s going on in journalism code and why they should join in, email me.

We’re really excited to welcome the fifth cohort of fellows in 2016, and we want to make sure that those future fellows feel able to apply. This week, journalists from news organizations around the world are going to talk about why journalism matters to the web. They’ll show through their experiences how important this work is to our communities and the web overall. We know that this work is meaningful and we want you to join us in this endeavor. So we’ll have a lot more information for you over the next month. But if you’re already convinced, go ahead and apply.

posted July 21, 2015 | posted in fellowships