New Year, New Site

Organic growth produces the most beautiful forms: branching coral, feathery green ferns, spiral seashells. It makes terrible websites, though.

As our programs have increased in number, scale, and scope, we’ve found ourselves hitting the usual signs of an outgrown site—sprawling navigation, findability problems, and trouble tracking which content is out of date. So while our 2015 Knight-Mozilla fellows have been in Los Angeles, getting to know each other and the world of newsroom code, we’ve given a haircut and re-org to reflect the work we’re actually doing. You’ll still find comprehensive info on the fellowships, and a lot more detail about our two annual conferences and the broad range of code and community support work we do, including Source, code convenings, and our open community calls.

As always, we’re working in the open, so the site’s up on GitHub, and we welcome your comments, bug reports, and pull requests.

posted January 16, 2015 | posted in housekeeping