Our calls are slightly more exciting. (photo courtesy Royce Blair)

Community Calls

The Source community calls are a community check-in every other Thursday at 12pm ET for anyone in or near the journalism-code world who wants to announce new projects, events, grants, and job openings, and solicit contributors.

You can participate by calling in and listening, reading along on the etherpad during or after the call, or by contacting us to get onto the agenda as a speaker—the calls are informal and friendly and a great way to ease into the wider conversation.

Call-in Details

Next Scheduled Call: October 18, 2018 (call notes the October 4 call is canceled)
Conference Number: 312-967-0970 and International toll-free numbers are available

Follow us on Twitter or subscribe to the community call Google Calendar (iCal link) to be notified of upcoming calls.

Call Archives

We use Etherpad to take full, participatory notes during our calls. Feel free to look through our call archive. It's an extensive archive, so we're only displaying the last five calls. Show full call archive Hide full call archive