The 2014 Knight-Mozilla Fellows visit the Mozilla San Francisco office.

Meet the 2014 Knight-Mozilla Fellows

Activists, academics, hackers, and makers--our 2014 Knight-Mozilla Fellows come from around the world and bring their many skills to journalism for 10 months. Bringing ideas to the New York Times, the Washington Post, ProPublica, the Texas Tribune, La Nacion, Ushahidi and Internews Kenya, the 2014 Knight-Mozilla Fellows are helping to lead journalism forward.

  • Ben
  • Harlo
  • Brian
  • Aurelia
  • Gabriela
  • Marcos </ul>

    Ben Chartoff | Washington Post

    Ben Chartoff designs and creates data visualizations. He is committed to building data literacy and numeracy through viscerally clear and compelling visuals. At the Sunlight Foundation in Washington, DC, Ben worked to demonstrate the value of open government and open data as essential elements in a democracy. He has a background in both the arts and sciences, and strives to bring both beauty and rigor to every project. He is passionate about most things, including food and backpacking. Follow him @benchartoff.

    Harlo Holmes | New York Times

    Harlo Holmes is a media scholar, software programmer, and activist. As research fellow with The Guardian Project, she primarily investigates topics in digital media steganography, metadata, and the standards surrounding technology in the social sciences. She harnesses her multi-faceted background in service of responding to the growing technological needs of human rights workers, journalists, and other do-gooders around the world. Follow her @harlo or at

    Brian Jacobs | ProPublica

    Brian Jacobs is a designer and interactive developer. He's passionate about multi-faceted visual tools that are civic-minded, scientific, journalistic, or otherwise educational, to benefit the people and their habitat. He's worked in commercial and academic contexts, on GIS projects in West Virginia, web apps in Philadelphia, and towards an urban data processing and visualization platform for the MIT SENSEable City Lab, in Singapore. He's excited about the future of open data, particularly collaborative and semantic web initiatives that can afford reproducible access to cleaner, more interdisciplinary data. Brian is also intensely interested in bagels, hikes, and sci-fi camp. Follow him @btjakes.

    Aurelia Moser | Ushahidi / Internews Kenya

    Aurelia Moser is a data munger and code monkey based in New York City. With a background in library metadata and lab work, she builds visualizations and narratives around data, supported dually by passions for data preservation and open information. Equal part experimenter and educator, she organizes NYC Nodebots meetups and coordinates curricula for Girl Develop It, a non-profit teaching women how to code in low-cost classes. For fun, she runs a radio show based on the semantic web, and digs studying, silent discos, and shoegaze. Follow her @auremoser or at

    Gabriela Rodriguez | La Nacion

    Gabriela Rodriguez is an activist and hacker who loves the intersection between media and technology. She grew up in Uruguay and now lives in Portland, OR (USA). She is a software developer with passion for free software and open knowledge. She co-founded the Uruguayan nonprofit DATA that works with open data and transparency in South America. Follow her @gaba.

    Marcos Vanetta | Texas Tribune

    Marcos Vanetta is a biomedical engineer truly passionate about software and technology. He is an experienced web developer and an open source enthusiast. Marcos is an active member of the Hacks/Hackers community in Buenos Aires and the lead developer of Mapa76 (aka You can find him in a rock & roll concert or at your closest hackathon. Follow him @malev or at