two participants at a conference laughing and talking together

Participants at SRCCON get to laugh, chat, and share ideas with everyone in the room. (photo/Erik Westra)

We create events that are highly participatory and inclusive, where participants come first so they can can feel comfortable digging into complex problems. Our SRCCON website has our latest event updates.

SRCCON Events - truly connecting at a conference

SRCCON conferences are two days of community connection, collaborative sessions, and a ton of documentation. As one attendee put it, “The structure of the program and the attention to detail and people’s needs is what makes this an exceptional and special event.” We’ve been hosting SRCCON events since 2014, and have gathered years of writing about how we create these inclusive, participatory spaces as well as session documentation, and resources that inspired us from the start.

Building meaningful events

Part of how we’ve developed our SRCCON Events approach, is by being active participants at a ton of conferences ourselves and designing a range of other types of events. Through a series of small group code, culture, and leadership convenings, we saw how teams working on separate projects still build relationships with each other, and how working side-by-side strengthens everyone’s projects. And from 2011-19 at the Mozilla Festival, we learned from our friends at Aspiration Tech and the Mozilla Foundation about designing interdisciplinary and interactive spaces, like this journalism unconference we hosted.

Hire us

We love helping other people host events with purpose and intention, too. Contact us if you’d like to learn about our consulting services.