Our 2015 Fellows explore journalism code.

The 2015 fellows visit the Los Angeles Times

The Knight-Mozilla Fellowships: Fellowship Partners

Fellowship partners host fellows for 10 months, offering challenging projects and immersion into the culture of the newsroom. We select partners who are invested in open source development and who will encourage their fellow to collaborate within and outside of their news organization.

The fellowship will be on hiatus for 2017. During early 2017, we're going to reflect on the past five years of the program and determine what shape the fellowship could take going forward. If you'd like to learn more about that or be notified when we have updates about the program please sign up here.

Prior partners

Over the years, we’ve worked with news organizations in the US, Argentina, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Kenya. Our partners have included:

  • 2016: Correct!v, Coral Project, Frontline, Los Angeles Times Data Desk, NPR, Vox Media
  • 2015: Center for Investigative Reporting/Reveal, Guardian, La Nacion, NPR, Vox Media, The Coral Project (a collaboration between New York Times, The Washington Post, and Mozilla)
  • 2014: La Nacion, New York Times, ProPublica, Texas Tribune, The Washington Post, and a joint fellowship placement with Ushahidi and Internews-Kenya
  • 2013: BBC, Boston Globe, Guardian, La Nacion, New York Times, ProPublica, Spiegel Online, and Zeit Online
  • 2012: Al Jazeera, BBC, Boston Globe, Guardian, and Zeit Online

Partnering with OpenNews

Being a fellowship partner is the most intensive way that OpenNews collaborates with news organizations, but it is just one of to get involved with our work and work together. Through our website Source and events like SRCCON, we partner with news organizations and their teams to share their work. We also host events called code convenings to help teams open source projects.